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My Ragdoll Mommy

6 August 2017
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Mom’s sick today, but I’m successful enough to have my jiggly fellow at home to take fine care of me. Bring Mummy that stuff the doc prescribed, sate son-in-law..
Gosh, I’m truly sleepy all of a unexpected – is this normal? Son? Son?…
Once you’re sure that Mom’s in dreamland, you sneak back into the room; you’ve been eyeing your mom in the shower…in her bedroom when she’s alone and masturbating…and you can’t take it any more. You need your Mummy in the worst way.But she’d never permit it. It’s gross…it’s wrong…wanting to paw your Mom’s boobies, her coochie. You had no choice; this way she’ll never know. You’ve had that stuff forever, waiting for the opportunity, after getting it off the internet. Now that she’s sick, you had the brilliant chance for a lil' son-switcheroo.Caress easily at very first – she’s truly, indeed in deep – you could do practically anything you want to her now. You posture her forearms and gams, pretend she’s toying with herself for you to watch; your dick’s getting tighter by the 2nd. Fuck…look at your Mummy lounging there…you’re gonna do it! You’re gonna nail your mother. You have fun with her delicate, white funbags – witness them wag when you stir her body; caress your forearms via her undies, studying, sneaking, fondling your Mommy in ways that are so wrong…but your rod is as stiff as a rock, and your mother’s labia is super-fucking-hot and moist.
Leisurely and methodically, you posture yourself in front of Mom’s open twat – your manhood throbs with anticipation – before you know it, you’re stuffing your jizz-shotgun in and out of Mom’s pussy…and she has no idea. Tighter and swifter, tugging your yam-sized stud penis inwards your mom’s cock-squeezing coochie fuckhole until you’re well-prepped to pop…
..but you know you can’t drizzle your pouch inwards her – what if she got pregnant? Still, you can’t imagine ambling away now. Moving around to mom’s gorgeous, unknowing face, you press your man-meat against her slack lips…forcing them open…pumping stiffer and quicker until you puddle your largest ever batch of son-seed right into your delicious mother’s barely open throat. (You muddy tiny momfucker..)
Runtime : 28min 39s
File Size : 552 MB
Resolution : 1920x1080

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