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Riley Star-Summer Seduction

9 September 2017
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Riley Starlet is visiting her uncle and cousin! Not only because she likes her family, but also because they happen to have the nicest swimming pool in the vicinity and she was expecting to possibly tempt her uncle into providing her a summer job. The uncle was supah exhilarated to watch her, but her nephew not so much. He doesn’t trust her and thinks shes sneaky. He knows what she’s up to. After observing her ask his father to lube her up, her nephew can’t let this go on any longer. He pulls Riley inwards to let her know he knows whats up. Riley doesn’t even refuse it, but reaches for her cousin’s dick in hopes that maybe he can not say anything. She deep-throats him out back by the pool while Uncle is sleeping in the sun. He pummels her by the steps of the pool and pumps out a enormous one all over her face! She may not have time to neat it up, but maybe that spunk could be mistaken for sun sunburn lotion, or at least that’s what we hope!
Runtime : 30min 14s
File Size : 620 MB
Resolution : 960x540

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