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Bare Back Studios-Cadence Luxxx in Daddys Seductive Shopper

26 February 2015
Bare Back Studios-Cadence Luxxx in Daddys Seductive Shopper
Bare Back Studios-Cadence Luxxx in Daddys Seductive Shopper

Dad is sitting on the couch, looking at his watch; Daughter (Cadence) was supposed to be home from school hours ago. Daughter finally arrives home carrying various shopping bags and giggling. "Where the hell have you been?" asks Dad angrily. "Oh Daddy I was just out doing a little shopping; you like Daddy?" asks daughter displaying her sexy school girl out fit and modeling it for Dad. "I don't think that is appropriate for school young lady." Laughs dad as she approaches and sits on his lap before kissing him passionately; Dad sticks his hand up daughter's skirt and begins rubbing her clit through her silk panties. "Oh daddy, if you think this isn't appropriate for school, what do you think about this?" hisses daughter seductively as she gets down between dad's legs and pulls his cock out and slowly inserts it into her warm, wet mouth. Dad attempts to protests but quickly gives up as the feel of his cock being jerked and protruding in his daughter's throat causes him to moan louder and louder. Daughter takes off her shirt, exposing her breasts and making father moan louder and louder; she begins fingering herself through her panties, first slowly then faster and faster. "Oh Daddy, cum with be, please!" begs daughter as she sucks and jerks father's cock faster and faster as she fingers herself. Moments later Dad moan's loudly exploding down daughters throat; the vibration of daughter's moan on father's cock as she orgasms causes dad's eyes to roll into the back of his head. Daughter sucks on dad a little longer, making sure not to waste a drop of cum; she stands and smiles as she giggles. "Damn, you are so hot." Says dad out of breathe. "Just wait until you see my other outfits daddy." winks daughter motioning dad to follow her as she picks up her bags and leaves the room.

Scene 2: Sexy Swimwear
Daughter leads dad at the pool and instructs him to wait there as she goes and changes into her next outfit. Daughter returns wearing a skimpy bathing suit, instantly grabbing Dad's attention. Daughter models the bathing suit, teasing dad as she draws closer and closer. "So...what other inappropriate acts do you do at school?" asks Dad in a joking manner; Daughter moves over to the chair and sits down, spreading her legs and gently rubbing her breasts and clit. "Well daddy, sometimes I let the boys taste my moist pussy." Moans daughter, arching her head back. Father quickly gets down on his knees and proceeds to slowly lick and kiss daughter's clit and pussy, causing her to moan louder and louder. "Finger me daddy, oh please work that tongue!" begs daughter; Dad inserts two fingers into her wet pussy and fingers her as he continues to lick her clit. Moments later, daughter suddenly grabs dad's head as she orgasms loudly, unable to control her spasms. "Do you want Daddy's hard cock inside you?" asks father pulling his pants to reveal a partial hard on; daughter quickly grabs his cock and proceeds to jerk and suck his cock viciously.

"Oh daddy, please fuck me; I want your hard cock!" demands daughter, as she winks and rubs her breasts; dad pulls the bottom part of her bathing suit open and slowly inserts his cock into daughter's wet, tight pussy. Dad fucks daughter in the missionary position, slowly at first then faster and faster, causing both of them to moan in ecstasy louder and louder. "Oh daddy, fuck me from behind please!" begs daughter; dad obliges and quickly moves into position and begins fucking her wildly from behind. Daughter moans louder and louder from the feel of dad's cock until she screams loudly as she orgasms; "Oh God, I'm going to cum!" warns dad trying to pull out of daughter who backs up into him closer. "It's OK Daddy, I want to feel your cum deep inside me; cum for your little girl!" says daughter licking her lips. Dad suddenly screams loudly as he explodes deep inside of his little girl; he thrusts for several moments before they both collapse on the chair and lay there, kissing each other. "Wow Daddy, I love the way your cock feels inside of me. I can't wait to show you my next outfit. "She says kissing Dad before leaving the room. "Fuck, how many outfits did she get?" asks Dad quickly following behind daughter.

Scene 3: Just like Mom
Dad finds daughter in the kitchen wearing a dress similar to one that Mom wears often to seduce Dad. "Don't I look just like mommy?" ask daughter posing for Dad. Dad whistles and compliments daughter on how hot she looks. "I saw you and mommy the other morning in here daddy; is this how she did it?" asks Daughter approaching Dad and rubbing his cock through is shorts. "Oh yeah baby..can you show me what else mom does?" asks Dad giving Daughter a little kiss. Daughter giggles and drops to her knees, pulling dad's cock out before quickly jerking and giving him a loud, sloppy blow job; the sheer noises Daughter makes as she slurps drives Dad insane, causing him to become full erect quickly. "Oh Daddy, fuck me like you fuck mommy!" teases daughter as she bends over the table and lifts the dress, exposing her naked ass to Dad. Dad quickly sticks his hard cock into daughter and proceeds to fuck her doggy style; the table shakes as daughter moans from Dad's thrusting as she tries grabs onto it. "God Daddy, yes; I want to feel your hot cum deep inside me again!" moans daughter louder and louder as she rapidly rubs her clit. Dad thrusts hard into Daughter causing her to scream as she orgasms violently, causing her entire body to shake.

Daughter breathes heavily for a moment before laying down on the kitchen island and spreading her legs, motioning Dad to join her; Dad climbs on top of Daughter and proceeds to continue fucking her rapidly only this time in the missionary position. "Give it to me Daddy, give it to me, GIVE ME YOUR CUM NOW!" demands daughter loudly as she moans. Dad thrusts into her several hard times until he lets out a large scream, he cums deep inside her as her pussy clamps down on his cock and refuses to let go until she has all of his hot semen. Dad thrusts shallowly several times until he collapses on top of daughter; she strokes his hair and kisses him gently as she giggles. "Daddy, I have saved the best outfit for last." teases daughter before she pushes Dad off of her and exits the room. "Damn, she going to wear me out!" laughs dad laying on the floor for a moment catching his breath before exiting the room to see the last outfit Daughter has bought.

Scene 4: Rough Lingerie
Dad enters the bedroom to find daughter, lying across the bed wearing seductive lingerie; she rubs her breasts and giggles at the stunned expression on his face. "What's wrong Daddy, never imagined you'd see me like this?" teases daughter as she leans back and proceeds to rub her clit through her panties, causing her to moan. Dad begins to stroke his cock slowly, watching daughter; "Daddy, I want your cock in my mouth now!" orders daughter as she continues rubbing against her clit. Dad approaches the bed and leans on it, allowing daughter to grab his cock and begin sucking on it, slowly at first then faster and faster;

Daughter moans and continues to suck dad's cock for a few more moments until she orders him to lay flat on the bed; as Dad climbs onto the bed, he notices daughter grab a silk stocking from the side as she slowly climbs on the top of him and guides his cock into her wet pussy. "What's that for?" asks dad nervous "Oh don't worry Daddy, it will be fun I promise." winks Daughter as she kisses him passionately. Daughter wraps the stocking around dad's neck and proceeds to grind back and forth on his cock, slowly at first then faster and faster. "My turn now Daddy!" demands Daughter climbing off of dad and getting into the doggy position. Dad forces his cock into Daughter from behind as he now wraps the stocking around her throat and squeezes it tightly as he fucks her harder and harder; daughter rubs her clit and moans louder and louder as best she can before her pussy squeezes dad's cock tightly while she orgasm. Dad releases the stocking and lays her flat on the bed to continue fucking her missionary position; Daughter claws his back and moans loudly as the feel of his hard cock feels wonderful inside her body. "Daddy, I want you to cum in my mouth but I want you to pull back on my neck with the stocking when you do!" orders Daughter; Dad fucks her hard for several more moments until he quickly gets up and wraps the stocking around her neck, pulling her head back. Daughter jerks Dad's cock until he moans, exploding in her eager mouth and rubbing his cum on her lips before releasing the stocking around her throat.

Daughter plays with the cum in her mouth before she swallows it with a giggle. "I think I need to model for you more often." teases Daughter getting up from the bed. "Yeah, fuck how much it costs; my credit card is in my wallet, this will be our little secret." Winks Dad. Daughter giggles as she makes her way out of the room to go find Dad's wallet, happy in the knowledge that now she has Daddy wrapped around her finger.

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