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Bare Back Studios-Cherry Poppins in Daddys Girl

26 February 2015
Bare Back Studios-Cherry Poppins in Daddys Girl
Bare Back Studios-Cherry Poppins in Daddys Girl

Dad walks into his Daughter's room in the morning: "Cherry, I have something to discuss with you..."
She's reading, but when she sees her dad, she starts moving towards him while taking off her clothes.
She guides his hands to her tits. He fondles her tits and pinches her nipples.
Dad: "Uhm... what was I saying... oh ya... You really need to control these impulses. Well at least when other people are around..."
Cherry: "Wheres the fun in that?!" As she takes out his cock she says "Daddy, I want it"
Dad: "What you want and what you need are two different things"
Cherry: "Daddy, I need it"
She swiftly takes his cock into her mouth, sucking him off
Then they hear mum calling out from the kitchen, "Breakfast!"
Dad: "We gotta go"
In between sucks, Daughter: "But I need cum"
He slowly moves back trying to slip out of his daughters mouth, but she continues to follow him (on her knees), with his cock in her mouth, until they reach the hall way.
Dad: "Seriously. I promise you, I'll give you as much cum as you need later. Mom's gonna get suspicious"
Cherry: "I'm going to hold you to that promise dad"
Dad pulls up his pants and hurries down the stairs...
Dad, mom and Cherry are sitting around on the kitchen table.
Dad's reading, mum's checking her schedule on her phone, and Cherry is mischievously eying dad. Cherry opens her legs to reveal that she's not wearing any panties. Surprised and aroused by this, Dad looks away in the other direction. Mom gets up to make a phone call, and turns her back on them. As soon as mom gets up, Cherry ducks underneath the table, and takes out Dad's cock. She starts sucking vigorously, so much so that she starts making some loud slurping noises. Dad slows her down by grabbing hold of her head.

Mum gets off the phone and starts text messaging. Cherry continues to suck dad's cock, when mom turn around. Dad and Cherry freeze, but mum is still concentrated on her phone. Mum tells dad that he has to pick up some stuff for her later on. Dad replies asking what she needs, trying to keep the facade up that nothing is happening, all the while he watches his daughter sucking his cock while looking up at him. She also reminds him that the Cherry's birthday is coming up and they need to decide on what to get her. Mum talks about how the new bag Cherry wants is a bit expensive.
Cherry starts suckin dad's cock extra hard to show her objection to the remark of the bag being expensive. Dad replies "I'll figure something out"
Mum says "Well, I gotta take off soon. You've been working your ass off these days. Hope you get some stress relief with your day off."

Cherry starts smiling while sucking his cock, who didn't know dad was home all day till now.
Mum goes upstairs, and Cherry pleads to daddy for his cum.
Dad blows his load into her mouth, and she swallows with a smile. She then continuous to suck his cock.
He tries to pull away, but doesn't let her hand go off his cock and states "You said as much as I want"
She goes back to sucking...

Dad is in the bedroom, watching a show on his laptop.
Mom's leaves to bed to take a shower.
Cherry walks in and sits beside dad.
She slides her hand into his pants, pulls out his cock and strokes it like it's nothing out of the ordinary.
Dad: "Mom's in the shower, if you haven't noticed"
Daughter "Don't worry, I'm paying attention"
She starts to suck him off while directly looking at him.
After getting dad hard, the daughter lies down on the bed and asks "Don't you think it's time for you to take this pussy daddy?"
She guides his cock into her.
They start fucking, and dirty talking.
They are in doggy position, when suddenly the water stops, and mum asks through the door, "Hey is anyone outside?"
Dad and daughter, with his cock still inside her in doggie position, move together to another room's doorway.
Cherry once again begs her dad to reward his good little daughter with his seed.
Dad explodes in his daughter's mouth and she swallows greedily.
She cleans dad's cock, and he asks "Are you satisfied now?"
Cherry gets up, and while on her way out, tells her dad "Not even close"

Dad walks into the Cherry's room.
She immediately tries to seduce him, but this time around he stops her advances.
Dad: "We really need to stop this. Honestly, I don't want you to go out into the world and become, for a lack of a better word, a slut."
Dad tells her that he doesn't want their activities to give her to impression it's easy and fun to sleep around.
To her dad's remarks, she sincerely tell him, that she hasn't slept or did anything sexual with other boys
ever since they started to fuck.
Cherry tells him that she only has her dad in her mind when she wants to fuck and that she considers herself his and no one elses.
Cherry: "So please daddy, lets not stop."
With this all being said, dad doesn't object any more.
She takes out his cock and starts sucking him off, and tells him how perfect his cock is for her.
After his cock is good and hard, she removes her panties and tells dad that "This pussy is yours and yours only, so take it"
Dad starts fucking her in various positions, Cherry and dad dirty talk all throughout.
Cherry remarks "own me", "make my fucking pussy yours", "you own my fucking pussy daddy, you own it".
When dad can't take much more, Daughter tells her to cum in her mouth.
Dad explodes inside her mouth and face, and he sits back. Cherry turns around to him to clean his cock.
She tells him that as long as he keeps on fucking her, he should worry about her, as she'll continue to be his good little girl outside, and his cum slut at home.

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