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Bare Back Studios-Vanessa Cage in My Daughter Taboo Desires

28 February 2015
Bare Back Studios-Vanessa Cage in My Daughter Taboo Desires
Bare Back Studios-Vanessa Cage in My Daughter Taboo Desires

Scene 1
The dad goes to the washroom in the morning with a boner, daughter's hiding in-wait, daughter gives BJ as the dad worries and locks the door.
Mom comes around, knocks on the door to inform breakfast is ready, and also asks about where the daughter could be.
Action continues till finish.
Daughter asks about how dad's off work today, he confirms and she hints at what's more to come.
Scene 2
After breakfast, Vanessa tells her parents that she doesn't have any classes.
Mom thinks it's BS and has a short argument with her, Vanessa gets out of the dinning/living room.
Dad's in the kitchen cleaning up, while replying to the mum ranting, agitated, about Vanessa.
Vanessa sneaks into the kitchen and starts blowing the dad.
Mom ends rant, and tells dad she's gotta get ready for work.
As Cory goes to get ready, the dad starts having sex with the daughter in the kitchen.
Near the end mum reenters the living room and asks the dad to have a word with the daughter.
As Cory continues the conversation from the dinning/living room, the dad finishes, the dad replies and tells her to have an awesome day at work while Vanessa sneaks out of the kitchen.
Scene 3
Montage of sex scenes from various times and locations of the day.
Sex/BJ in Vanessa's room.
Sex/BJ in the Living room during lunch
Sex/BJ in Mom's/Cory's Bedroom
Daughter gets ready to head out and Dad is about to Give Vanessa a Final Cream Pie, while dad is on the phone with Cory as she's informing that she'll be late
and asking about Vanessa.
At the end Vanessa tells dad he can fuck her anytime he wants and asks him to come to her room that night.

Scene 4
Mom's , sleeping (may it be wine or ambien). Dad's trying to sleep, and Vanessa sneaks in, goes under the sheets to give dad a BJ.
Dad doesn't know what to do and just receives the BJ; till he wants to fuck her, so he takes Vanessa out of the room.
They proceed to the living room and the start fucking till finish.
Vanessa talks about how she's contemplating on skipping class tomorrow for more action.
Dad laughs it off, and leaves.
Vanessa says see you tomorrow in the washroom again.

Runtime : 33min 41s
File Size : 1.27 GB
Resolution : 1280x720

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