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Bare Back Studios-Vanessa in Daddy Dont Tell Mom

28 February 2015
Bare Back Studios-Vanessa in Daddy Dont Tell Mom
Bare Back Studios-Vanessa in Daddy Dont Tell Mom

Earlier in the morning Daddy walked in on Vanessa and her brother having sex in the living room...Dad could not believe his eyes...He quickly walked out to call Vanessa's mother...Vanessa, at the time did not think much of this and finished with her brother...

Later that Day Vanessa walked into Daddy's office...She asked if Daddy called Mom...She could read her Daddy's face, he had not called Mom...Vanessa was willing to do anything to keep Dad from Calling Mom...Anything!!!

She went down on her knees to get Daddy worked up...Mom has not sucked off Dad for over a year...Daddy was reluctant at first but he pulled his already erect cock out of his shorts and let Vanessa suck...This was not her first cock and certainly not her last...Vanessa sucked and swallowed every last drop of her Daddy...She also promised Daddy he could have anything else he wanted...Daddy agreed to talk later with Vanessa, but now he must finish up his work...

Later that Day Vanessa wanted to expand her relationship with Daddy...She called him into the living room for round two...Daddy was not prepared to take this to the next level but Vanessa was...Vanessa offered Daddy any hole to not tell Mom...Mom has not taken care of Daddy for over a year and he was filled with back pressure...

Vanessa stripped and teased Daddy almost pressuring him to fuck her...She begged for his cock and Daddy final relented...He fucked Vanessa and gave her just what she wanted...She had set up Daddy, Vanessa did not really want to fuck her brother, she wanted her Daddy and only him...Vanessa wants to be the queen of the house and not Mom...

Daddy asks where Vanessa wants the cum and she begs to swallow Daddy's big load...She falls to her knees and opens her mouth...Daddy plastered his Daughter and She swallowed every drop...Till the next time Vanessa is horny...

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