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Taboo-Fantasy-Catherine - Caught In the Act

3 March 2015
Taboo-Fantasy-Catherine - Caught In the Act

Catherine is strapped for cash. She is supposed to meet her girlfriends.....but she doesn't even have bus fare!!! Knowing that her Brother keeps spare change in his room....and he is not home (so she thinks)....Catherine goes into her Brother's room to find some change. What she finds when she goes into his room will change her forever!!! She walks in on her Brother Masturbating!! He is Caught In The Act!!! It is very awkward for both of them....maybe even more awkward for Catherine....."I can't believe I saw My Brother's cock....". Seeing that she has her Brother, Anthony in a "compromising position"....and since she is flat broke....she makes an unusual offer to Anthony...."If you want....I'll finish that for you....if you give me $20". Anthony thinks about it for a second...."Well....I guess a girl's hand is better than using my own....even if it's My Sister....". Catherine begins to Masturbate her Brother....and the horny little Booger-Head has the nerve to ask her to suck it too. Enterprising Catherine agrees...for $50!!! As she is Sucking her Brother's cock....Catherine decides to "up the stakes"....."If you give me $100....I'll let you Fuck me". Horny Brother Anthony agrees...even though it is costing him 4 weeks allowance.....and the two Siblings start to Fuck each other. As Anthony is getting close to cumming....he begs his Sister to cum in her mouth.....Catherine offers her mouth....for yet another $50....bringing the total to $150.....and to her disgust....Anthony unloads a Huge Load into her mouth!!! Catherine spits it out and calls him an asshole.

Runtime : 8min 11s
File Size : 486 MB
Resolution : 1920x1080

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