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Taboo-Fantasy-Milked Repeatedly

5 March 2015
Taboo-Fantasy-Milked Repeatedly
Taboo-Fantasy-Milked Repeatedly

Vanessa's brother, Steven broke her PlayStation....and Vanessa takes things into her own hands! To punish her Brother....Vanessa sneaks into his room on Saturday Morning, and before he is able to wake up....She ties him down.....ties him down REALLY GOOD!! Steven waked up horrified to see his Sister beside him...with his arms and legs tied down. Vanessa tells him that because he broke something of hers....her PlayStation...that she is going to break something of his.....his cock!!! Vanessa plans to do this by Milking her Brother Repeatedly!!! Vanessa starts by Sucking-Off her Brother until he cums in her mouth. Steven thinks her punishment is "silly" he didn't mind the Morning Blowjob.......unfortunately for him......he is headed for a world of hurt!!! Vanessa returns 20 minutes later...and Sucks him Off again!! This time, Steven isn't amused at all.....he begs her to stop....but she continues until he cums in her mouth again!! Vanessa leaves to have Breakfast, and watch TV for a while...then she returns 2 hours later. This time, Vanessa forces her Brother's cock to get hard again...then she climbs on top of him and Raips him Violently!! He begs and begs for her to get off of him...his cock has been Milked is sore......but Vanessa covers his mouth to silence his screams....and continues the Forced Intercourse until she makes him cum a third time!! Steven is thrashing, trying to break free....calling for their Mom to rescue him...but no help arrives. 20 minutes later, Vanessa returns to administer a FOURTH MILKING!!! Vanessa Jerks her Brother's cock as he screams in agony....until she Forces a Painful Fourth Ejaculation with her hand!! Finally....after the 4th Forced Milking.....Mom tells Vanessa that she must stop...."that's enough Vanessa....he's sorry he broke your PlayStation....stop Milking your brother......". Lucky thing for Steven that Mom intervened....Vanessa would have Milked him a Fifth time after lunch!!!

Runtime : 24min 12s
File Size : 520 MB
Resolution : 720x480

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