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Taboo-Fantasy-My Prostitue Sister

6 March 2015
Taboo-Fantasy-My Prostitue Sister
Taboo-Fantasy-My Prostitue Sister

DICKY IS SPYING ON HIS SISTER.AND JERKING-OFF TO HER. CHARLEE TAKES ADVANTAGE OF HER HORNY BROTHER.AND TURNS INTO A "PROSTITUTE SISTER"!! SHE CHARGES THE HORNY PERVERT $300 TO FUCK HER!!!!!!Charlee's older Brother, Dicky has been spying on his Sister..watching Charlee as she gets dressed everyday...and Jerking-Off to her!!! What Dicky doesn't know, that his Sister sees him...but pretends that she doesn't!!! Charlee thinks it's funny that her Brother is Beating-Off to she just lets him do his thing...pretending day after day, that she doesn't see him spying on her. After a week or so, Charlee has a great idea! She needs money to go shopping with her girlfiriend..and she knows that after Jerking-Off to her so much, that her Brother probably wants to Fuck she catches him in the act the next day..with his cock in his hand..caught in the act of jerking-Off to his Sister! Charlee confronts her Brother.laughs at him..and makes him an offer.."I know you've been Jerking-Off to me...tell ya me $300 and I'll let you Fuck me..'cause I KNOW you want to...". Dicky is completly embarrassed, and humiliated to be caught in such a compromising position by his Sister..and he refuses her offer of Prostitution. Charlee won't give up, however..and she Blackmails her Brother.."If you don't pay me the $300 to Fuck me...I'll tell Mom that you've been spying on me..and Jerking-Off to me!!". Dicky is horrified by the thought of his Mom finding he has no choice...he forks out $300 to his Sister. Charlee and Dicky both get undressed...and Charlee clutches the $300 cash in her hand, as her Brother Fucks her!!

Runtime : 15min 13s
File Size : 566 MB
Resolution : 1920x1080

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