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Taboo-Fantasy-My Sisters Druuunk

6 March 2015
Taboo-Fantasy-My Sisters Druuunk
Taboo-Fantasy-My Sisters Druuunk

Alice and her girlfriends want to throw a party. They can't decide where to have it. They want to invite boys over....have some drinks....maybe makeout a bit....typical girl stuff. None of her friends can get permission from their Parents to have the party. Alice tells one of her friends that she can get her Dad to do whatever she wants!!! Alice simply takes off her clothes....then goes into the living room to "discuss" the situation with her Dad. Alice strokes her Dad's penis through his pants.....explains to him about the party....and, sure enough.....Dad agrees to let them long as they wind things up at midnight...AND....that Alice does the "usual persuasion". Alice eagerly agrees....and takes off her Dad's pants and starts to suck. After some face sitting...some pussy licking....and some good hard body-slamming Fucking.....Alice has the party location all set!!! Her dad is the Best Dad in the World!!!

Runtime : 12min 28s
File Size : 742 MB
Resolution : 1920x1080

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