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Taboo-Fantasy-Shower Fantasy-Molly Jane

6 March 2015
Taboo-Fantasy-Shower Fantasy-Molly Jane
Taboo-Fantasy-Shower Fantasy-Molly Jane

Molly is taking a Shower.....when her Dad accidentally walks in to the bathroom. Molly doesn't notice her Dad around the corner.....and Dad can't help but notice that Molly's Boobs have grown into the most spectacular Breasts he has ever seen!!! Dad hides around the corner of the Shower stall, and spies on Molly while she Showers. As he begins to fantasize......and his Fantasy is VERY disturbing and Erotic at the same time!!! In his Fantasy.....Molly exits the Shower....notices him there....and confesses to him that she has always wanted to Fuck him!!! Dad admits that the feeling is mutual...and Molly lets her hair down, and hops up on the Vanity, and spreads her legs for her Daddy to taste her sweet, young pussy. Molly actually has a powerful orgasm from her Dad's experienced pussy eating.....and then she returns the favour by, not only sucking Daddy's big, fat cock.....but Deepthroating it too!!! Molly's Dad then puts her back up on the Vanity and proceeds to fuck her hard. REALLY hard!!! Dad pounds her so hard that Molly screams in a combination of pain and exhilaration!!! Both Daddy and Molly cum together.....and Molly says she would like to do it again. But alas.....Dad shakes his head and realizes that it was all a Fantasy!!! Molly is still in the Shower....and he wipes the sweat from his forehead....and shamefully exits the bathroom....leaving his well endowed young Daughter to finish in peace. WOW!!! What a Fantasy!!!

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