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Taboo-Fantasy-Sibling Fornication

6 March 2015
Taboo-Fantasy-Sibling Fornication
Taboo-Fantasy-Sibling Fornication

Victoria and her Brother Richie have a predicament in common. They have both recently broken up with their "significant others'....and they are home watching TV together. The two Siblings engage in small talk....and somehow the conversation brings out the fact that both are....well.....HORNY!!! After a good laugh...Richie tells his Sister about a Documentary he recently saw about a Africa....where it is common for Siblings of the same Tribe to engage in....Sexual Intercourse with each other words....TABOO!!! Victoria leans forward....her interest peaked....."really!!! that is so weird.....I've never heard of that". The two Siblings decide that, if other cultures can permit and tolerate such behaviour....and since they are SO Horny....why not??? They both vow to never, ever tell anyone.....and then they begin to....Fuck Each Other's Brains Out!! Victoria Sucks her Brother's cock....Richie eats out his Sister's Pussy....they Fuck....and Fuck....and Fuck....until Richie unloads into his baby Sister's mouth!! "I'm never gonna get another boyfriend again!!!" Victoria proclaims with semen dripping down her chin.

Runtime : 9min 40s
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