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7 March 2015

Jason and his friends are hanging out....watching TV.....when something happens....his Sister, Kaci walks in...but She is NOT awake....She is Sleep-Walking!!! Jason warns his friends to be quiet around his (Topless) it is very dangerous to wake a Sleep-Walker. To the horror of his friends.....Jason's Sister starts to grab at their crotches....and Jason must explain his Sister's behaviour to his friends....."Sometimes when She is Sleep-Walking....She likes to Jerk.....She's a Jerky Girl....if She lays into you....ya have to let Her's very dangerous to wake Her up". Kaci feels the cocks of all the boys through their pants....and then when She gets to Steven...She begins to unzip his pants. The other boys flee immediately.....relieved that they were not targeted....and Jason warns Steven one last time...."Ya gotta let Her finish dude". Steven is humiliated as he must sit there and Let Topless....Sound-Asleep young Kaci Jerk his cock to completion. Kaci snores constantly while She Jerks....yawning occasionally....and while Sound-Asleep, Kaci Jerks the cock until it cums. After a sigh of contentment....Kaci heads back to Her bed.

Runtime : 11min 52s
File Size : 705 MB
Resolution : 1920x1080

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