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Taboo-Fantasy-The Taboo Idol

8 March 2015
Taboo-Fantasy-The Taboo Idol
Taboo-Fantasy-The Taboo Idol

When Courtney's Mom has a special package delivered to the house, from her Sister....Courtney's Aunt Maria.....Courtney is the unintended victim!!! As fate has it....Courtney's Mom is not home when the package arrives, so Courtney signs for it. Her curiosity gets the best of Courtney proceeds to open the package on her own. The contents of the box include a "statue"....which turns out to be an ancient African Fertility Idol that Aunt Maria found on her travels. Also included in the box is a note from Aunt Maria to Courtney's Mom....saying that the Idol should NOT be around any females who are able to it's power is legendary....and the presence of the Idol will cause females to go into Heat immediately. Courtney does not take the threat seriously.....after's just a statue, right? That night when she goes to bed, Courtney makes the mistake of bringing the Idol into her bedroom. Sure the middle of the night....Courtney wakes up....covered in horny as can be....and masturbates herself furiously. After she makes herself cum....Courtney is still not satisfied....this Idol is POWERFULL!! Unable to get back to sleep....Courtney, in a quest to satisfy her inexplicable sexual desire....goes down the hall to the bedroom of her Brother Russ. Courtney NEEDS to be Fucked....badly.....she doesn't know or understand why....but she NEEDS it she quietly takes out her Brother's cock, and begins to suck it. When her sleeping Brother has produced a nocturnal erection for her....Courtney climbs on her Brother's hard cock and rides him!!! Courtney's out of control sexual madness makes her ride her Brother's cock until he cums inside her. A frightened, worried Courtney climbs off her Brother's cock....looks at the semen dripping from her young pussy...and then grabs the Idol to look at it. She realizes this statue has Taboo Powers....and she immediately panics....and runs outside to get rid of the Evil Force!!!

Runtime : 11min 50s
File Size : 700 MB
Resolution : 1920x1080

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