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Xev Bellringer-Mommy Swallows

10 March 2015
Xev Bellringer-Mommy Swallows
Xev Bellringer-Mommy Swallows

I heard someone has a date tonight! Are you nervous sweetie? Oh that's alright, it's very natural for a man to get wound up before a night with a woman he's looking to impress. But you know, there are serious repercussions to going on that date without taking care of some of the obvious things.
Well, honey, when I was first dating your father, he was also very nervous like you and would actually cum in his pants before we could have sex. He learned that it was best to take care of business alone first. Mommy means masturbating so you aren't so sensitive sweetie. That lucky lady will thank me later, and so will you!

I must insist that I don't feel comfortable with you doing it alone for your first date though. Mommy wants those balls fully drained so the best possible way to make sure that happens is by letting me help you. A blow job, sweetie, Mommy will suck all of that cum right out so you don't embarrass yourself on this date, OK? Good boy, I knew you'd enjoy that idea. Now, I want you to be very relaxed and comfortable so take off your pants and Mommy will show you what she's wearing under this dress.

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