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Xev Bellringer-Mommy's Tug Job

10 March 2015
Xev Bellringer-Mommy's Tug Job
Xev Bellringer-Mommy's Tug Job

Honey, you're not upset that Mommy is going to dinner with a male coworker, are you? It's only natural for you to be possessive and protective of Mommy, it means that you love me. You don't need to worry though sweetie, Mommy has to do this while your father is out of town because there's simply not enough time when he's here. I love you and your father so much, just not in the exact same way, you understand?
Oh! Oh my gosh, honey, are you hard? I mean, aroused? You are not supposed to have those feelings for Mommy, you know that right? Oh no, sweetie, I didn't mean it like that, you did nothing wrong. It's just, you should only have those feelings for people who aren't related to you, honey. Oh sweetheart, I didn't mean to make it sound like you did anything wrong. Um...maybe Mommy can do something for you just this one time, before I leave, to stop these urges you have. Sweetie, I'm going to reach down your pants and touch you, ok?

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